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Technology in the Classroom

Throughout this course, we have learned so many different ways to use technology in the classroom, whether it is giving students an opportunity to collaborate or finding new video content that shows learning skills and gives information to students, or creating our own content for our students learning. We have learned about the impact ofContinue reading “Technology in the Classroom”

Project Based Learning

As highlighted in the video on Project Based Learning, school today tends to be lectures, memorization and test, but with Project Based Learning, school can be more interesting, and PBL also teaches other skills needed to succeed. Skills that can be learned through PBL are problem solving and critical thinking. If you’re just memorizing factsContinue reading “Project Based Learning”

Grandmother Method

If technology is changing should education stay the same? If opportunities are opening up to change how we education should we stand in the way? In Sugata Mitra’s TED talks “New Experiments in Self Teaching” and “Build a School in the Cloud” he discusses the experiments he conducted bringing technology to places where teachers andContinue reading “Grandmother Method”