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The World is Flat

This is what the world might look like in 2099

As our world expands and advances in technology so will our outlook on education have to expand and advance. In Thomas Friedman’s book “The World is Flat” he discusses different events and technologies that were created that have helped to “even the playing field” between countries. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of Windows computer, and the launch of Netscape people all over the world gained access to technology and idea that didn’t used to have access too. Friedman discusses technologies and ideas that have helped give people ways to communicate, collaborate, and innovate all across the world. Change no longer belongs to the scientists and geniuses of the world it can belong to anybody. And with this technological advances we need to rethink the way we teach the future innovators.

Already we see the changes in technology used in the classroom. Today many classrooms are equipped with different types of technology such as smart boards, computers, projectors, as well as different types of software.

(In this link you can see different types of technology in the classroom:

Computers are now essential to complete classwork, to research topics, and create presentations. Many classes use research projects as part of their curriculum, teaching students how to research as well as using the project to expand their knowledge on a subject. Many schools today have distance learning as well, so students living in other parts of the world can go to a school miles away, face to face learning is no longer a requirement for your education.  As a teacher, we should be trained how to teach students about these different devices and software. Half the time students end up teaching their teacher how to use the technology in their classroom.

With all these globalization shifts we need to prepare our students not only for these advancements in technology, and how they have changed everyday life, but also how technology has changed the workforce and the amount of people competing for a job.

5 thoughts on “The World is Flat

  1. Joelle, I couldn’t agree with your more. It is amazing the different ways that technology is used in the classroom. It is also so true that many times the students are able to teach the teachers on how to use the technology. It speaks to the wired article that we read where the scientist put a computer in the wall and with no instruction that kids are able to start using it and figure out what to do with it so quickly. I agree that it is also so important that we are teaching not only with technology but teaching how technology is used and what that will look like in their everyday life. The amount of people and the location of people competing for the same job has grown by leaps and bounds in just a few short years.


  2. Hi, Joelle!
    It is so amazing how advanced our technology has become. I remember when we had those big projector machines in middle school. Now, it is all computer based. And at my school our white boards are even touch screen! I agree, we need to prepare our students for these advances. The job market can be a scary place, familiarizing them with new technology will help them tremendously.


  3. Joelle, I agree our students need to be better prepared for their future because they will not only be competing for jobs with other young Americans but rather with the entire world’s workforce.


  4. You make some strong points in your summary. Technology should be seen as a tool, and not a crutch. We are part of a technology-based society, and it appears that there will continue to be a shift towards technology integration in every area of our lives. Everyone should be prepared, but especially the children. I agree with the point that children today will be competing with people from all over the world for jobs. As globalization continues, the borders of countries will mean less and less. People will have the ability to work all over the world, either physically or remotely. Our schools should recognize and adapt to this shift in our society.


  5. I couldn’t agree more on the different ways we use technology in the classrooms. I find it interesting that education has changed and the face-to-face education is no longer is an obstacle. More students now have more access to an education and the unlimited information online. I agree that we should teach students how to use technology responsibly for the future. Since our world is now more accessible to other across the world, students later on will have to compete for jobs in the workforce not just with people in their area but across the world.


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