Technology in the Classroom

Throughout this course, we have learned so many different ways to use technology in the classroom, whether it is giving students an opportunity to collaborate or finding new video content that shows learning skills and gives information to students, or creating our own content for our students learning. We have learned about the impact of technology on education and society and we have predicted where technology will lead us next. Learning to use technology accurately and responsibly I feel is one of the most important things we can teach our students. If we give them the tools and the instruction to use technology to their advantage it will help them in there future personal and professional lives. Learning Internet and social media safety, in a world where almost everything is posted online in seconds, will hopefully help create responsible adults who think before they hit that share button.

We have learned about project-based learning and explored some really fun and important projects that are being collaborated on by students across the country and around the world. This was the most exciting part to me, was the idea that students all over can come together and be apart of a project that has real meaning and purpose. Here were two of the links we visited that I thought were the most fun and offered collaboration project for students all over the world!

Using the many different education tech tools as well, I use many of them currently in my toddler class, but I can definitely see them being a great resource for elementary students and up.  Learning to use youtube, not just for the content on the website, but also for your own content, where student can access them from anywhere. Learning the how to make a WebQuest and how to use this as a tool for project based learning and a tool to compile resources for students was one of the tools I can see myself using in my classroom. The video below is my WebQuest tour:

2 thoughts on “Technology in the Classroom

  1. Hi Joelle,
    I have learned so much throughout this course on how to use technology in my classroom. Project based learning seems to have such a positive effect on the quality of learning and I am so grateful to have obtained all this information.


  2. Joelle,
    Your WebQuest is so cool! I love gardening and it did not crossed my mind to create a quest around that topic. Your video tutorial is excellent full of information and color. I really like the way you incorporated the websites in full instead of just embedding them in words. I remember you mentioning in a past blog about biomes in a school you had attended, perhaps it made such an impact on you or found it to be fun, and became part of what motivated you to create this quest. Of course appreciating nature, (which I know you do from your first blog) is also very important. I really enjoyed reading your blogs and hope to see you in future classes.


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