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Kindergarten Decomposition Lesson

I watched a Math lesson for kindergarten from the Massachusetts DESE. This video showcases a kindergarten class learning about decomposition. It was a fascinating lesson, where the teacher used many different teaching and classroom management strategies. Decomposition in math is the number of ways to make up a number or break down numbers into sub-parts.Continue reading “Kindergarten Decomposition Lesson”


Assessments are something that all teachers must use to evaluate what students are learning. Summative assessments assess the cumulation of students learning; usually, these are completed after the instruction is finished. These assessments are great for evaluating students’ understanding of the learning contents and, subsequently, the standards. Still, this type of assessment doesn’t give insightContinue reading “Assessments”

Abstraction vs. Concrete Actions

“Abstraction is only a sort of trickery and deflection of the mind if it doesn’t constitute the crowning stage of a series of previously concrete actions. The real cause of failure in formal education is therefore essentially the fact that one begins with language instead of beginning with real and material action.” -Jean Piaget, 1976Continue reading “Abstraction vs. Concrete Actions”

Introduction to Math in the 21st Century

Throughout my elementary and junior/high school learning, math has never been my strong subject, it always took me a little longer to get math concepts, but once I got it and practiced, I did well. Math games, physical and visual strategies helped me to learn math concepts more than lecturing. So, my attitude to mathContinue reading “Introduction to Math in the 21st Century”