Paradigm Shift

I enjoyed watching Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk, and I think he makes some excellent points in the way the education system functions. In a world with standardized tests, we create people who function on memorization rather than problem-solving and genuine thought. I think this is related to mathematics. In my personal experience, Mathematics instruction has been lecturing, teaching to the test, memorization, and honesty boring, and I am sure others have experienced this. When you may not understand a concept, you are considered bad at math when the instruction route might need to be changed. I think sometimes focusing on common core standards and standardized tests take education away from students learning how to learn and replacing that with memorization. This is why we as teachers are learning how to teach problem solving, collaboration, cooperation, and provide an authentic learning experience for students rather than just lecturing. The section on divergent thinking and creativity stuck out as something we should foster in our students.  

3 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift

  1. I am also one of those people that have experienced boring mathematics teaching. To be honest, I think I had to teach myself outside of any math class I had taken. Trying to stay awake for lectures was my main challenge in class. Also, I agree that the CCSS and standardized tests take too much away from effectively teaching students. Maybe we will be the generation of teachers that can truly change the paradigm.


  2. Hello Joelle, I really enjoyed your response. I liked how you mentioned that tests and even common core takes away learning from the students. Students need to be able to think for themselves about solving their questions to find their answers and not tell them the answers. Great work!


  3. Hi Joelle! I agree that standardized testing can take away from really focusing on the students exploring and engaging in the learning processes and can put more of an emphasis on memorization.


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