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Introduction to Math in the 21st Century

Throughout my elementary and junior/high school learning, math has never been my strong subject, it always took me a little longer to get math concepts, but once I got it and practiced, I did well. Math games, physical and visual strategies helped me to learn math concepts more than lecturing. So, my attitude to math isn’t horrible, but it’s not my favorite subject. But I am working to change that outlook. I don’t have any experience in teaching math, but I did spend a little bit of time working with a 2nd-grade teacher during their Money/ currency section. Adding and subtracting money was something concrete that I enjoyed observing this teacher explore with her students. Another teacher I observed used fruits and vegetables with her kindergarten class to make addition word problems come to life. Through this class, I am looking forward to gaining more confidence with math concepts and instructional strategies for teaching math. I hope to discover new tools to add to my teaching repertoire and hopefully change my attitude towards math, so I can share that confidence with the students I teach.   

One thought on “Introduction to Math in the 21st Century

  1. I think math games and hands on activities are so important for teaching math. Math cannot just be learned through worksheets. I hope you find the confidence you need in this class to feel more comfortable teaching math. Good luck in the class!


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