Kindergarten Decomposition Lesson

I watched a Math lesson for kindergarten from the Massachusetts DESE. This video showcases a kindergarten class learning about decomposition. It was a fascinating lesson, where the teacher used many different teaching and classroom management strategies. Decomposition in math is the number of ways to make up a number or break down numbers into sub-parts. The lesson seemed like a continuation of an ongoing topic; The teacher opened the lesson with the turn and talk method, each student turned to their partner about what decomposition is in math. After a few minutes, they turned back together, and a student was called on to tell the class what the partners discussed. They then went on to do a whole class example; the teacher used movement and music to keep students engages and gave them different scenarios to act out the different ways to make 5. They used chairs and people, math cubes and stories, and finished with various math centers. I thought this was a great lesson; the teacher kept students engaged, gave them many multiple examples, and made sure they understood the lesson. She used several techniques I can see becoming very helpful as a future teacher, utilizing the turn and talk method, using movement and catching songs, incorporating stories into learning, and working in partners and small groups.

Check out the lesson below on youtube:

One thought on “Kindergarten Decomposition Lesson

  1. Great job with your blog this week. I enjoyed watching the YouTube video that you attached to your blog. I enjoyed how explained everything with great detail! I also like how the teacher kept the students engaged as well.


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