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El Deafo – Graphic Novel

El Deafo: Bell, Cece: 9781419712173: Books

Readers Response Blog 6

Bell, C. (2014). El Deafo. New York, NY: Amulet Books.

Grades: 3-8

I enjoyed reading El Deafo, it was an easy read, and a really fun idea and plot. I enjoyed the moments where Cece had her daydreams and her sassy personality. I have never been into graphic novels or even comics, but my brother loved them. I wasn’t expecting this book to be so easy to read and follow along with the story. I think it would be great for students to read this book, not just for the fun story and the pictures, but for the message of acceptance as well. Cece loses her hearing and the story follows her growing up, and throughout the story, Cece shows everyone around her that she can’t be stopped and that its ok to be different, and everybody has a superpower, whether that’s being a friend or using your phonic ear to superpowered hearing. I think this could open up a discussion on differences. Discussing friendship and how it can change. Learning about different forms of hearing loss.

I think that El Deafo is a great example of a quality graphic novel. The panels are easy to follow, the illustrations are fun as well as being organized. The narration and dialogue are easy to follow and not too large or small. The plot was relatable and informational. For kids who have hearing loss, they might identify with Cece, and for those who do not, it is a great learning moment about those who are different than you.

In El Deafo, Bell uses a couple of different literary elements and styles to tell the story. For a lesson, you could do a scavenger hunt with students for idioms, slang, colloquialisms, metaphor, and similes. Students could also compare the way Bell tells Cece’s story vs. El Deafo’s.

Lesson Sketch:

After reading El Deafo, have students break off into partners to do the literary element scavenger hunt. Have students work together to find 2 examples for each literary element. When students are finished, discuss the different language Bell uses for telling Cece’s story vs. El Deafo, compare and contrast.

Objective: In groups of two, students will find 2 examples of each literary element from the graphic novel El Deafo. Students will find 2 (idioms, slang, colloquialisms, metaphor, and similes) in a 30-minute class period.

ELA Common Core Standards for 4th Grade:

Describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character’s thoughts, words, or actions).

Paraphrase portions of a text read aloud or information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally.

Review the key ideas expressed and explain their ideas and understanding in light of the discussion.


The Power of El Deafo!

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